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Owning a binocular can be an amazing experience if it is a good quality piece of equipment. You can see whatever you want, no matter the distance. However, it can also become a headache if you don’t choose a good brand. 

It happened to me when buying binoculars, when I decided to invest in binoculars that didn’t really focus well.

I am a fan of walking and hiking, so for me, binoculars are very important. I was tired of wasting money on poor quality binoculars that didn’t measure up with focus and lost sharpness. 

However, after some searching on forums and websites, I came across the Minox binoculars, which so far have turned out to be the best binoculars I have ever had. So, today I am going to give you details about the best Minox binoculars on the market.

Minox Binoculars Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Minox 62043 BL 8 x 56 BinocularWide from 115 to 1 kilometer
Price On Amazon
Minox 62033 Minox BF 8x25 BR BinocularShock and water resistant, submersible up to 3 meters.
Price On Amazon
Minox 62198 BinocularDelivers sharp, true-color images.
Price On Amazon

Minox Binoculars Review

Here are my most recommended and the best Minox binoculars when it comes to price and quality.

1) Minox 62043 BL 8 x 56 Binocular

Minox 62043 BL 8 x 56 Binocular

With a very avant-garde and professional finish, I will start this selection by telling you about the Minox BL 8 x 56 binoculars. These binoculars have been designed with HD lenses that will give you a detailed view, without image deformities, and showing you the natural colors of the environment with a clean and sharp image in any weather and atmospheric situation.

In addition, its design allows you to have a large field of view, from 115 to 1 kilometer, so you will be able to see objects at short and long distances.

That’s not all, you can turn these binoculars into a monocular binocular thanks to its retractable device.

9Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • Better vision – Thanks to its HD lenses, they offer better detail without distorting the image.
  • Field of view – Wide from 115 to 1 kilometer.
  • Resistant – Thanks to its polycarbonate housing, with water resistance.
  • More accessories – Comes with strap, case and lens protection.
  • Lens caps – After a while the lens caps do not hold on well.

To check its price and availability you can use the link below.

2) Minox 62033 Minox BF 8×25 BR Binocular

Minox 62033 Minox BF 8x25 BR Binocular

Binoculars that scored second in our guide are the Minox 62033 binoculars. These binoculars are a bit more compact and smaller than the previous ones, but their size makes them ideal for your pocket. 

With the central thread, you can adjust its focus, even to those moving elements, without losing sharpness.
Can you use it underwater? That’s right! It can withstand up to three meters of depth like its peers, and the visual of its lenses is not altered. To top it off, it is made of resistant materials that prevent any scratches.

9Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • Design – Compact and ultra-lightweight.
  • Practical – With rotationally adjustable eyelets.
  • Resistant – Shock and water resistant, submersible up to 3 meters.
  • Fast focusing – Thanks to its central thread.
  • Lenses – Multi-coated for sharp, bright images.
  • Slow – Focusing is sometimes a bit slow.

Check it out on Amazon for price and availability.

3) Minox 62198 Binocular

Minox 62198 Binocular

Now I want to tell you about another model, much cleaner, simpler and more practical: the Minox 62198 binoculars. These binoculars are ideal for those who already practice hiking activities or hunting at a professional level. 

This is because its focus can increase the size of the images up to 8 times the distance.

It is made of materials that are extremely resistant to any weather conditions, whether rain or snow, as well as impacts from bumps and scratches. Thus, you can use it even in the most extreme situations of cold or heat. 

Finally, it has a kit so you can transport and protect it when not in use.

8Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • Design – Practical, simple and comfortable.
  • Magnification – Up to 8x ideal for outdoor activities.
  • All-weather – Resistant to water, snow, shock, scratches, abrasions and more.
  • Quality Lenses – Delivers sharp, true-color images.
  • Weight – Weighs 1.13 kilograms.

To check its price and availability you can use the link below.

Why Choose Minox Binoculars?

Directly from Germany, the Minox brand has transformed the world of binoculars in Europe, especially at the professional level. Not only does it make lenses and crystals with a scientific focus, but it also specializes in photographic ones and has even perfected itself with military models and equipment since 1936, when they created their first prototype.

Since then, they have not stopped growing, reinventing themselves in different areas over the years, reaching an experience of more than 80 years, gaining the trust and appreciation of many professionals for the quality of their lenses and the design of their equipment, at a very good value for money.

General Opinions of Minox Binoculars?

First of all, many users and experts highlight that the Minox brand has equipment manufactured with professional finishes, avant-garde, elegant and with simple designs for all tastes, which is a huge advantage. 

In this way, the brand focuses on delivering the most important thing: the image quality for which its lenses are characterized in high resolution or HD, being one of the pioneers in the use of this type of crystals.

Additionally, they highlight the quality of its materials such as durability and resistance. The most mentioned is the robust aluminum, which allows it, once sealed, to withstand high temperatures, extreme cold and pressures up to 3 meters deep under water. 

This makes it one of the preferred binoculars for military uses, for an affordable price that suits your particular needs. Finally, we can emphasize that they are excellent value for money for their level.

Where Can You Buy Minox Binoculars?

Now that you know more about this brand of binoculars, I will explain where you can find good Minox binoculars.

Minox binoculars from Amazon – Without a doubt this is one of the best places to find these Minox binoculars, as not only will you have a huge variety available, but you can also ask the seller questions to clear up doubts and take advantage of offers such as discounts, and even free shipping.

Advantages of Using a Minox Binoculars

Minox has acquired a good position in terms of binocular sales because they have made high quality binoculars, with impeccable design and very good handling.

What are the advantages of using a Minox Binocular? Here are a few advantages of using Minox binoculars:

  • A wide variety of simple designs and models you can find.
  • Adaptability to any kind of climate and weather conditions.
  • Ability to be used underwater without wearing out or losing focus.
  • High durability due to the quality of its materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Minox Binoculars Any Good?

MINOX is well known for their spy cameras which come with the highest quality lenses that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. In recent years they are also becoming more and more known for their high quality MINOX binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision devices, riflescopes and more.

Where Are Minox Optics Made?

Being a German brand, almost all of the Minox binoculars are fully designed and manufactured in Germany. All the binocular models of this brand undergo meticulous quality control inspection procedures before leaving the factory.


Michal is an outdoor enthusiast who love optical gadgets. He got almost 100 binoculars, more than 50 telescopes and microscopes, 80 different cameras and other optical Instruments in his personal collection. He loves giving his unbiased reviews about these products after testing them in detail.

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