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We know that, nowadays, choosing binoculars that are of a good quality is certainly a task that should not be taken lightly, as these usually cost a considerable amount of money.

As a shopper and adventurer, you need to know which binoculars will ensure the quality you are looking for, and that is why today we are going to tell you about Konus, one of the pioneers in the field of binoculars.

In order for you to make a smart purchase without regrets, below we bring you a list of the best Konus binoculars options, which we are sure will provide you with high quality and safety.

Konus Binoculars Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Konus EMPEROR 10x50 WA BinocularsUse them with glasses thanks to its twist up eyecup system.
Price On Amazon
Konus Newzoom 10-30×60With Adapter For tripod
Price On Amazon
Konus SPORTY 10×50 WA BinocularsComes with case, strap and lens cleaning cloth
Price On Amazon
Konus 2172 10×50 WA BinocularsThanks to its rubber they resist shocks
Price On Amazon
Konus Konusvue 10×50 WA BinocularsCenter focus and lightweight
Price On Amazon

Konus Binoculars Review

Here are the 5 best Konus binoculars that we highly recommend.

1) Konus EMPEROR 10×50 WA Binoculars

Konus EMPEROR 10x50 WA Binoculars

With a comfortable and waterproof design, the Konus EMPEROR 10×50 professional wide-angle binoculars will allow you to see 10 times farther than most binoculars on the market, increasing the comfort with its twist-up eyecup system, which allows you to use it with glasses.

The quality of the material makes it a product resistant to any terrain, and it is compatible with tripods, which will give you a high quality image, clarity and stability.

9Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • With Glasses – Use them with glasses thanks to its twist up eyecup system.
  • Resistant – Manufactured with quality materials, waterproof and all-terrain.
  • More Stable Images – With tripod adapter.
  • Better Vision – BAK4 prism and multi-coated lenses offer sharper images and true colors.
  • Heavy – Weighs almost 1kg.

Check Amazon for price and availability.

2) Konus Newzoom 10-30×60

Konus Newzoom 10-30×60

High quality and stability over a long distance is what defines the Konus NEWZOOM 10-30×60, giving you up to 30 times the image range of regular binoculars, surpassing even most wide-angle binoculars.

With a multi-coating treatment on its objectives, it will enhance the quality, light entry, and sharpness of the image.

9Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • More magnification – Up to 30x, ideal for home, hiking, bird watching and more.
  • Sharper – Thanks to its multi-coated lenses, they offer images with more brightness and good detail.
  • With Adapter – For tripod.
  • Fast Focusing – Thanks to its central focusing wheel.
  • Weight – They are a bit heavy.

Visit Amazon using the link below for price and availability.

3) Konus SPORTY 10×50 WA Binoculars

Konus SPORTY 10×50 WA Binoculars

For sports and nature fanatics, the Konus SPORTY 10×50 WA binoculars, with an ergonomic and compact design, and waterproof, are ideal for use in wet locations.

As these binoculars are wide-angle, they will allow you to frame a field of view 10 times larger, which, added to the multi-layer treatment of its objectives, will provide you with high quality images, even in places with poor lighting.

8Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • Design – Ergonomic, compact and rugged.
  • Vision – Wide-angle with up to 10x magnification.
  • High Quality Images – Thanks to its lenses with multilayer treatment.
  • Accessories – Comes with case, strap and lens cleaning cloth.
  • Size – They are a bit large.

A product like no other and you can find out its price and availability on Amazon by visiting the link below.

4) Konus 2172 10×50 WA Binoculars

Konus 2172 10×50 WA Binoculars

If you are a nature lover and are in search of the most reliable binoculars possible, then surely the Konus 2172 10×50 WA is for you. It offers you a good focal width range, added to its BaK-4 prisms coated with multi-coated treatment to ensure a fairly high image quality.

Its major plus points are its classic porro design, which helps to minimize light loss, reinforced with anti-drop rubber, making it quite durable. Get the sharpest and brightest vision with this high quality binoculars.

7Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • More Resistant – Thanks to its rubber they resist shocks.
  • More Uses – Ideal for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Better Images – It has Bak-4 prism and lenses with multilayer treatment ensures sharp images.
  • Focus – Quick focus thanks to its central wheel.
  • Usage – Not for professionals.

Visit Amazon and check its price and availability using the link below.

5) Konus Konusvue 10×50 WA Binoculars

Konus Konusvue 10×50 WA Binoculars

If you’re on a tight budget, but still looking for the highest image quality, Konus brings us the 2103 Konusvue 10×50, which, thanks to its wide-angle and multi-layer prism coating, will give you up to 10 times wider image magnification and high definition and sharpness.

Manufactured with a solid and resistant metal body, it has rubber coatings to increase its resistance and improve grip, and its porro design helps a better light entrance. 

Simply an excellent piece of equipment that will not disappoint you.

7Expert Score
Pros & Cons

Following are the PROS & CONS of this product

  • Rugged – Metal body and rubberized coating for extra strength.
  • Better Vision – Wide angle with multi-layer coating.
  • Value for Money – Best choice if your budget is tight.
  • Practical – Center focus and lightweight.
  • Focus – Sometimes it takes a while to focus.

Visit Amazon using the link below for price and availability.

Why Choose Konus Binoculars?

The reason why choose Konus binoculars is because Konus is widely recognized internationally as one of the most reliable in the market, being a company born in Venice, Italy, in 1979. 

With an extensive 40-year history in the area of binoculars and products for sports such as hunting and shooting, and useful tools for outdoor camping experiences and scientific fields such as astronomy and biology.

Among their most recognized products we can find mainly binoculars, followed by rifle sights, backpacks, spotting scopes, compasses and flashlights, and on the scientific side they offer microscopes, telescopes, special lenses and weather stations. 

Undoubtedly, they are part of a broad spectrum of the scientific, sports and survival market.

General Opinions of Konus Binoculars?

Without a doubt, binoculars from the house of Konus are known to be of unquestionable quality and excellence. They have important features such as high strength and durability, ergonomic design and high technology that make them effective in any situation in which they are used.

Their technology is unprecedented, seeking to give you an experience of the highest caliber, always trying to offer you the best sharpness, focus, clarity and image quality, to make every moment unique, along with a relationship between price and quality that will leave you open-mouthed.

It is interesting to talk about the price of these binoculars, as they are quite affordable compared to others on the market, which have a much lower quality at a higher cost. 

Without debating, acquiring a pair of these binoculars will be a more than positive purchase, in which we assure you that you will feel satisfied.

Where Can You Buy Konus Binoculars?

Below, we recommend a site where you can find Konus binoculars, along with the best deals:

Buy Konus binoculars from Amazon – Here you’ll find the largest variety of brands, types and models of all ranges of Konus binoculars, and, the best part is, you’ll find the best deals at insane prices. And if you’re a Prime customer, you might even get free shipping.

Advantages of Buying Konus Binoculars

Konus binoculars have a wide range of favorable points, but, below, we point out to you what we consider to be the most pertinent ones:

What are the advantages of using Konus binoculars? The advantages are:

  • High durability due to the materials they are made of and the way they are assembled.
  • Great variety in models, dimensions, weight, functions and prices.
  • High image quality thanks to its BaK-4 prisms with multi-layer coating treatment.
  • High efficiency in poorly illuminated environments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Konus Binoculars Any Good?

Konus binoculars are well known to be one of the best binoculars for a wide variety of applications. These binoculars are a bit heavy, but not uncomfortable making them a good choice among many others.

Where Are Konus Binoculars Made?

Components of Konus binoculars are manufactured in northern Italy and are assembled in Bosma, China.

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