Best 20×80 Binoculars

With 20×80 binoculars there will be nothing that escapes your sight, because as you know, its range and precision will allow you to see and observe birds as well as to make certain astronomical observations.

Come on! with this marvel you will be able to do what you like the most, which is to be able to observe from a distance but feeling it very close.

And that is why I have brought you here what are currently the best 20×80 binoculars so that you can easily find what you are looking for from the tranquillity in which you are right now and with a single reading.

20×80 Binoculars Comparison

RankingNameBest FeatureCurrent Price
Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 BinocularsAngle of 3.7°, Linear range of 59 m, exit pupil of 4 mm
Price On Amazon
Bresser Spezial Astro 20x80 BinocularsBak-4 multi coated prism
Price On Amazon
Gigantes BCrown 20x80Full rubber non-slip coating
Price On Amazon

20×80 Binoculars Review

As they say colloquially “to suit all tastes” so instead of presenting you with a single 20×80 binocular as the best, I have preferred to present you with 3 different models, so I am sure that I will find the best 20×80 binocular for you, because no one better than yourself to know what you really need and for what purpose and the budget you have.

1) Celestron SkyMaster 20×80 Binoculars – Best Value for Money

Celestron SkyMaster 20×80 Binocular

I began the selection of 20×80 binoculars with these binoculars from Celestron whose quality-price ratio is very good.

To start with, you should know that you are looking at binoculars with quality BaK-4 prisms and optics that are multi-coated to obtain the best contrast in the image; in addition to having, obviously, an objective diameter of 80 mm and a 20x optical zoom.

As for the field of view offered by this model of binoculars, it is interesting to know that it has an angle of 3.7° and a linear range of 59 m; with an exit pupil of 4 mm and a perfect focus from 33 metres.

As far as grip is concerned, these binoculars have a rubber cover; although if you are going to be using them for a long period of time you should use a tripod, as in the end they weigh just over 2.5 kilos.

And finally, with these binoculars you will receive a case where you can easily store and transport them wherever you want, both for terrestrial and astronomical observations.

2) Bresser Spezial Astro 20×80 Binoculars – Best Quality

Bresser Spezial Astro 20x80 Binoculars

The Bresser binoculars that I am going to talk about now have a very good quality; these binoculars not only have a 20x magnification or zoom and an 80 mm objective lens but also a Bak-4 multi coated prism, which will allow you to have a wide field of view at 1000m: 56m, displaying very clear, sharp and well defined images.

To all this you have to add that it has the virtue of reducing the dispersion of light to the maximum, which helps greatly to see that image as I say perfect, without distortion.

Another advantage of this 20×80 binocular from Bresser is its minimum focusing distance of 9 metres, making it one of the closest binoculars that will allow you to see the image perfectly.

And if you wear glasses, the great news is that you won’t need to take them off to use these binoculars, as they have the ability to compensate for dioptres as well as having folding rubber ears that allow you to make the most of the entire field of view.

It is relatively lightweight for this type of binoculars, weighing in at just over 2 kilos, but I would advise you to use a tripod if you are going to be observing, whether terrestrial or astronomical, for long periods of time.

And finally, you only need to know that these binoculars come with a case in which you can comfortably carry and store your 20×80 binoculars.

3) Gigantes BCrown 20×80 – Cheap 20X80 Binoculars

Gigantes BCrown 20x80

To finish with my selection of 20×80 binoculars I am going to talk about the cheapest of the three, which is not the worst quality, although it is the heaviest, as you are going to have to hold almost 3 kilos of binoculars, so you are going to need a tripod to use it, if you don’t want to end up with sore arms and shoulders after a session of terrestrial or astronomical observation.

Of course, with these binoculars you can count on a 20x magnification and an 80mm objective lens, giving you a wide field of view with a very large field of view.

It also has Bak-4 prisms and a multi-coated optical treatment throughout the optics to ensure that the images you see through them will be bright, sharp and with a very good definition.

As far as grip is concerned, these binoculars have a full rubber non-slip coating.

As you can see, they are apparently simple binoculars, but they have nothing to envy their competitors.

What It Means That a Binoculars Is 20×80

The binoculars are catalogued with a numbering according to how far they can increase the vision and according to the type of objective lens they have.

In this particular case where I am talking about a 20×80 binocular I am implicitly telling you that this type of binocular can increase the vision up to 20 times, hence when referring to it we will say that it is “a 20x binocular”.

And as for the 80 that is mentioned you have to know that it is related to the size of the type of objective lens, being in this case of 80 mm; a very large aperture that will allow you to enjoy a very sharp and defined image, as the aperture is so wide the entrance of light will be a lot and very good.

What Is the Price of 20×80 Binoculars?

The prices of 20×80 binoculars will vary depending on the features they offer, the material they are made of, the type of prime they have, the lens, etc.

But I’m not telling you anything you can’t already imagine, am I? So I can summarize roughly that the prices of the binoculars I have been talking about are between 100.- and 150 dollars, more or less.

However, here I leave you with direct access to each of them so you can see the price of the 20×80 binoculars that you have liked the most:

Conclusions and Which 20×80 Binoculars To Choose

Do you already know which one to choose?

I do know, and I’m sure I agree with you on the choice of the 20×80 binoculars. If I were in your place, without a second’s hesitation, I would choose the second model I told you about, the Bresser binoculars.

Among other advantages, this binocular is the one that weighs the least and allows a closer field of view, as well as the fact that I don’t need to take off my glasses to use it and I can see as far as I want at that moment.

Ah! I won’t go back, nor will you, to lose my glasses because I have to leave them in who knows where to look through the binoculars; and it’s normal, one is so surprised with how well one can see through these binoculars that one loses consciousness of where one leaves things and that’s how it happens later, that one forgets them…

Of course, this choice is by carefully analysing and comparing each and every one of the features offered by each of the 20×80 binoculars, without taking into account, for example, the price, where this will really be one of the first determining factors in your choice, because obviously depending on the budget you have, you will be able to opt for one model or another.

But as you will have seen, even the cheapest model of binoculars from BCrown has very good features and characteristics; it is true that it is the heaviest of them all, but if you analyse it well, you will surely use any of them with the help of a tripod, so the weight is not going to matter much there.

So when choosing your long-range binoculars, think about what you are going to do with it, to consider the minimum field of view, the angular width it offers you and the linear field, among other things, because as you know it is not the same to observe outdoors and want to have a wide field of view than to look at something that is rather static and with hardly any mobility.

If the binoculars with this magnification have not been what you expected, you can check out other related buying guides on our website Lens Reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are 20×80 Binoculars Good?

20×80 binoculars are well known to be perfect for skywatching. Most of these binoculars come with a center focus knob that makes it even easier to focus on objects.

How Far Can You See With 20×80 Binoculars?

With 20×80 binoculars having 20x magnification you can see at a max Interpupillary Distance of 72mm (2.83″).

Is 20×80 Binoculars Good for Astronomy?

All 20×80 binoculars are well known to be perfect to use primarily for visual astronomy. You won’t find any 20×80 binocular not well known for its use in this space.


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